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Stockton Parent Carer Forum is part of the North East Regional Network Parent Carer Forum and the National Network Parent Carer Forum.

North East Regional Network Parent Carer Forum

NERN PCF is made up of up to 12 Parent Carer Forums covering the North East of England. We are split into two sections and meet on a regular basis to provide peer support, share best practice and provide feedback to the National Steering Group Member. Currently our Chair, Becca, is a Co-Chair for NERN PCF and meets regularly with other co-chairs, speaks at events and provides feedback at a regional level to help influence services. 

National Network Parent Carer Forum

Our Strength is our shared experience

  • 152 parent carer forums across England
  • Ensure that best practice, expertise and knowledge of parent participation continues to grow
  • Ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of PCF’s across England continues to be strengthened
  • Encourage and enhance the collective voice of parent carer forums


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