Co-Production Charter



How agencies will work with parents, carers, children and young people in Stockton on Tees to ensure that the services that are developed, monitored and evaluated meet the needs of those they serve and produce positive outcomes

Coproduction means planning, delivering, monitoring and evaluating services and systems in equal partnership with the people who use them. Valuing the contribution of people with lived experience and sharing responsibility in decision making from the earliest stages leads to positive outcomes for service users and their families.

This charter sets out the commitment of Stockton on Tees SEND strategic group and its Education, Health and Care services to share power with the children, young people and families who use services and to make decisions together. For co-production to become part of the way we work, we will create a culture where the following values and behaviours are the norm:

The voices of children, young people and families are heard and are central to everything we do

The children and young people, parents and carers of Stockton have the right to have their voices heard and will be central to the decision making processes that impact their life and wellbeing.

Owned by all

Coproduction is the responsibility of all, from front line staff to directors. All must have a shared understanding, vision and commitment to embedding this across the local area.

Start together, stay together

Stockton recognises the importance of having a shared understanding from the start including what is to be achieved and will ensure that all parties are valued and remain involved throughout.

Actively listen and respect differences

All views will be listened to and acknowledged without judgement.

Value experts by experience

The contribution of parents, carers, children and young people are vital when making decisions, they are experts in their own field and their knowledge is vital when making decisions. Stockton is committed to developing systems and processes which recognise and reward their contribution.

Clear, effective and accessible communication

This is essential in developing and nurturing positive working relationships. We will acknowledge our wide-ranging audience and make adaptations as appropriate.


This is key to developing and maintaining trust. We will set out clear frameworks on what is being co-produced and will report on the process, its results and any limitations of it.

Honesty and respect

We will acknowledge differences in resource and responsibility, whilst treating all parties as equally valued assets and developing strong partnerships built on trust.

Responsive to needs

We will involve all parties, offer flexibility to meet the needs of individuals to enable inclusion and embrace diversity. This will include accessibility of venues, location, timings and resources and explore different methods to remove barriers enabling all people to take part equally.


We commit to considering a variety of options and solutions to reach an agreement that is in the interest of all parties.

Look for the charter mark to know whether a piece of work has been co-produced

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